Unfailing Love – September 7, 2019

Song of Songs 5.1-8.14; 2 Corinthians 9.1-15; Psalm 51.1-19; Proverbs 22.24-25

Here is the most amazing thing about God’s mercy: We do not deserve it, at all, yet because of his unfailing love, he gives it to us anyway. Tell me another instance in which that is the case, where one so undeserving gets a gift beyond description? What helps you realize you get God’s mercy because of him, not because of what you did to deserve it?


How does the love letter we know as the Song of Songs compare to the love letters you have written?

In what ways are you eager to help others? How does your eagerness increase when that help includes the opportunity to share through giving?

In what ways do we try to purify ourselves rather than letting God be the one who creates in us a clean heart?

Why are hot-tempered people so influential on us, versus us calming them?

Thankfulness – September 6, 2019

Song of Songs 1.1-4.16; 2 Corinthians 8.16-24; Psalm 50.1-23; Proverbs 22.22-23

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for us to do, especially in the midst of our busy, crazy, overpacked lives, it to be sure we have a heart of thanksgiving. It is not that we do not want to be thankful or even that we are NOT thankful, it just is easier to get caught up in the motions and become trapped in our hectic schedules than to pause and give thanks. Spend some time today listing those things for which you are thankful to God.


What are your initial reactions as you read through this section of Song of Songs?

Why do you think people might have criticized the way Paul was handling the collection that had been given for the churches in Jerusalem?

Why do you think people find it easier to focus on the routine of our life and worship to God rather than having a heart that is really dedicated to Him?

Why is it so easy for people to take advantage of the poor, needy, and oppressed?