Bible Readings for May 16-22

1 Timothy 6

How do you ensure you are teaching (and being taught) the “sound words of our Lord Jesus Christ”?

Why do you think people are attracted to words of controversy or conflict? How can we work to avoid these, especially in the church?

How content are you? How do you seek even more contentment in your life?

2 Timothy 1

Who do you remember in your prayers day and night? Why is this person or these people so important to you?

Have you ever been ashamed of the testimony about God? Why might people be ashamed of this and how do we avoid it?

Have you ever thought about the message of Christ in you as a deposit? How does such a view change or affect how and why you go about sharing that message?

2 Timothy 2

How would knowing that Paul is in prison because of his preaching change the way Timothy might hear his message? How does it change how you hear it?

Several times Paul mentions avoiding quarrels about words or irreverent babbling. Why do you think these things were so important to Paul?

How have you pursued righteousness, faith, love, and peace today?

2 Timothy 3

Last days or not, how have you seen people act in the ways Paul describes in this chapter? How do we deal with people like this?

Are you persecuted? How are persecution and godly lives connected?

If all scripture is God-breathed, what should our response and attitude be toward the reading and study of it?

2 Timothy 4

In what ways do you preach the word?

How well are you fighting the good fight and finishing the race?

Bible Readings for May 9-15

1 Timothy 1

Who calls you their “true child in the faith?” Who is your child in the faith? What are ways you can develop intentional relationships to help individuals grow in their faith, much like a parent would their child?

In what ways do you recognize that Christ Jesus came to the world to save you, the foremost of sinners? How has he shown his patience through you?

Has there been a time in your life when people have encouraged you to live a life of service for Christ? How have you gone about doing that?

1 Timothy 2

Pause today to spend some time giving prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings for others.

How is leading peaceful and quiet lives a demonstration of a Godly life and how does it help others come to know salvation?

How might this life described here be related to Paul’s statement about men and women?

1 Timothy 3

As Paul describes qualifications for elders and deacons, who are the people who come to mind? How have these people helped you grow in your faith?

In what ways have you experienced church as the “household of God”? In what ways have you experienced the living God through church?

1 Timothy 4

What things in your life might you be tempted to reject, forgetting they are to be accepted from God with thanksgiving? Why is this the case and how can you avoid doing this?

How do you train yourself for godliness … and avoid silly myths?

What are some of the ways you have set your hope on the living God?

In what ways do you devote yourself to “the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching”?

1 Timothy 5

How do we treat people within the church who are older and younger than we are? How can we continue to do this even more?

How do we treat widows within our congregation? How should we treat them?

1 Timothy 4.12 – September 10, 2020

1 Timothy 4:12

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.  (1 Timothy 4:12, NIV)

“It was the first verse that made me realize that I could do things and talk to people about Jesus. I had always thought that talking about God was for adults only. And to this day that verse helps me to pursue my dreams.”

Thought Questions:

What reasons do you have to think your ability to share the good news of Jesus with others in invalid or not important?

How have you seen a young person set an example for others in the way they lived their life?

How well do you set an example for others in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity … regardless of your age?