About the Site

The 1 Home Bible Study website is a ministry of the South Plains Church of Christ (southplains.org) in Lubbock, Texas. It was established in order to strengthen one of the seven core values of the congregation:

  • 1 Older – A faith relationship with someone older than you
  • 1 Younger – A faith relationship with someone younger than you
  • 1 Group – Involvement in a small group (We call them 1 Groups)
  • 1 Home Bible Study – Regular reading and study of God’s word within your family unit
  • 1 Ministry – Involvement in at least ministry to others
  • 1 Neighbor – Developing relationship with individuals outside the South Plains congregation
  • 1st Fruits – Giving of your first fruits (time, money, energy) to God

We seek to provide you with an opportunity to be in a Home Bible Study with your family—whoever that family may be: a retired couple, parents with children, college roommates, etc.

Every week there will be a list of readings along with a devotional thought, including questions, to help you focus on your Bible Study for that week.

Also, every day we will list several texts to provide you with an opportunity to read God’s word daily, hence “Daily Bible Reading” (DBR).

As you share and interact with these texts, we invite you to hashtag any social media posts you make with #1hbs and/or #southplainsdbr so we can all encourage one another together.

However you go about scheduling your reading, we hope you will spend some time every day and extended time weekly in God’s word, growing in your faith, becoming a better follower of Jesus, and engaging others with the story of redemption that comes from Jesus Christ.