Bible Readings for September 5-11

Acts 24

Why were the Jewish leaders so adamant to slander Paul, even when their accusations made little sense and were basically unsubstantiated?

What sort of actions do you take or safeguards do you have in place to ensure you have a clear conscience before God and man?

What do you think caused Felix to be alarmed while listening to Paul? To what degree do you think Felix was affected by his repeated conversations with Paul?

Acts 25

In what ways was Festus used to save the life of Paul?

Why is it that Felix in the previous chapter and Festus in the current one wanted to do the Jews a favor? Was this a successful political move? How else might we evaluate their actions?

What does it say about Paul’s actions that despite all the accusations Festus heard about Paul, Festus still is at a loss about what charges to bring against Paul?

Acts 26

How would you summarize Paul’s defense to King Agrippa?

How does Paul’s conversion story here compare to the previous stories we have read about Paul in Acts?

Why would it have been important for Paul to be obedient to the vision he faced while on the road to Damascus?

Acts 27

What would make Paul think the centurion guarding him would listen to Paul’s advice about sailing more than he would listen to the owner and pilot of the ship? What might this tell us about the rapport Paul had with those he was around?

Do you think perceptions changed about safe sailing times after the storm hit? Why do you think this is the case?

In what ways does Paul’s sharing food with the crew resemble a sharing of the Lord’s supper? Is this significant and if so, why?

Acts 28

Why do you think the Christians in Rome had heard nothing negative about Paul? What sort of credibility does this give Paul’s message and ministry?

How significant is Paul’s statement that the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles?

What do you think happened to Paul beyond what we have recorded in the book of Acts?

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