Bible Readings for August 22-28

Acts 14

We see here a pattern that is repeated throughout the entire book of Acts: Jewish opposition against the message of Christ and those who preach it. How do you think you would have reacted to this opposition if you had been Paul?

In what ways do you see the church today facing opposition to the message of Jesus and what should or what can we do about it?

Should the miracles the disciples were able to perform have been able to convince the Jews that the disciples and their message were legitimate? Why do you think they did not do so?

Acts 15

In what ways does our past and our desire to continue in the ways things have always been shape the way we move forward toward new faith? In what ways should it affect the future?

How do you think you would have responded to the requirements given by the Jerusalem Council? Is there anything you would have had a problem with? Why or why not?

What lessons can we learn about dealing with conflict from this episode with Paul, Barnabas, John Mark, and Silas?

Acts 16

Who are the people you are encouraging to continue to grow in their faith, including people who may be younger than you? Who can you develop a relationship with in order to work on seeing this happen?

Does it seem odd that the Holy Spirit would tell the disciples NOT to go to Bithynia? Why or why not? In what ways has the Holy Spirit told you “No” to some of the ways you thought you might use to help share the message of Christ?

What are some ways you have seen God act miraculously in the lives of his faithful followers? What was the result of these actions?

Acts 17

What does it say about Paul that he regularly went to the synagogues to preach Jesus, especially given all that had happened to him at the hands of the Jews?

How can we receive the word of God “with eagerness?” What are some specific practices that might demonstrate this earnestness?

In what ways can we use the attitudes or values we see in the people around us as conversation starters when it comes to sharing our faith with them?

Acts 18

In what ways are you ministering to others through the vocation you hold?

How important are people who can travel from place-to-place encouraging followers of Jesus to grow in their faith? How can we support people who do this more?

Apollos represents a “2nd generation” disciple of Paul’s, that is, someone who was taught by someone who was taught by Paul. How are you developing relationships with people with the idea that your strengthening them will help them strengthen or disciple others?

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