Bible Readings for August 15-21

Acts 9

Having someone breath “murderous threats” against us as Christians is not something we are typically accustomed to or something that happens to us often. How do you think you or other followers of Jesus would react to these circumstances?

The shift from preaching to Jews to preaching to Gentiles was a huge change, unheard of up to this point in the history of God’s people. What other shifts of similar magnitude are you aware of in Christianity? Do you know of anything similar that has happened in your own day and age?

What would it be like to have the kind of power Peter did? What would you do if you had that sort of power? How would you use it?

Acts 10

What does the fact that Cornelius—a Roman soldier—believed in God prior to hearing from Peter tell us about the spread of the gospel?

What laws, rules, or traditions might we hold that God wants us to change in order for people to come to know him better?

What purpose did the Holy Spirit serve in coming down on those who were hearing Peter’s message? What might this tell us about the ways God brings people to him?

Acts 11

Why might the Jewish Christians have had a legitimate concern about the Gentiles hearing—and following—the good news of Jesus?

Is the scattering of the church, as described in this chapter, a good thing, or a bad thing? Why do you say this is the case?

What does it mean to be called a Christian?

Acts 12

How do you think the church today would have responded to church leaders being imprisoned or even killed because of their faith?

How does the church collectively respond to hardships faced by members of our own body? Is earnest prayer one of those responses and in what ways?

Why do you think we are told about the death of Herod, especially the details, here in the book of Acts?

Acts 13

What does this chapter tell us about the importance of prayer and fasting as we seek to be God’s church today? How can we incorporate prayer and fasting more in our regular practices?

In what ways does the Spirit enable you and me to identify and call out evil when we see it?

Summarize Paul’s sermon found in this chapter in a sentence or two.

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