Bible Readings for July 25-31

Luke 18

Why is it at times easier for us to act more like the Pharisee than the tax collector when it comes to reflecting on our faith?

In what ways might we hinder people from coming to faith—people who most need God or perhaps are most like him?

What are some things that are impossible for you, but happen because of the power of God?

How have you asked God to show you mercy today?

Luke 19

How has your faith in God or at least your desire to know him better caused you to do some things that might be seen as shocking or socially unacceptable?

How do you think you would have reacted to Jesus as he was walking into Jerusalem? How do you think the people seeing this event knew to react?

In what ways is your response to unbelieving people similar to Jesus’ reaction to Jerusalem? In what ways can you respond like this more?

Luke 20

If someone came into our time of worship and began disrupting things, how do you think we would react? Why would you say this is the case? Would you say our response is similar or different than the response of the Jewish leaders?

If Jesus offers salvation to people, why do they spend so much time trying to trap him in “wrong doings” or even kill him?

Luke 21

Why do we tie the importance of gifts to the amount given instead of the value of the gift?

In what ways have you had to demonstrate endurance in your faith, doing so even while facing hardships and persecution?

Why do you think people show more concern about when Jesus is returning than they do about the fact that he is returning?

Luke 22

Why were the Jewish leaders so afraid of the crowds?

How do you think your participation in the Lord’s Supper would be different if you had been in the upper room with him during the Last Supper? How can we remember this event more when we take the Lord’s Supper?

Knowing what you know about Jesus’ disciples, are you surprised that immediately following the Lord’s Supper they are arguing about who is the greatest? Why or why not? In what ways are we also (inappropriately) focused on how great we are?

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