Bible Readings for July 4-10

Luke 3

In what ways does John the Baptist point to Jesus, deflecting praise and attention away from himself? Do you think John might have ever wanted at least some of that attention for himself? Why is it so difficult to play to role John did?

Do you think the people who came to see John in the wilderness actually did what he told them to do? Why or why not?

What stands out to you about Luke’s genealogy of Jesus, especially when you compare it to the one found in Matthew 1?

Luke 4

What are ways you would sat you have been tempted? How have your experiences compared to Jesus’ temptation?

How well are you prepared to answer challenges you face with scripture, similar to Jesus’ response during his temptation? What can you do to be more prepared to do this?

Describe the Kingdom of God? How does Jesus’ description of the Kingdom compare to yours? How do you think you would have responded to his message about the kingdom he was kicking off?

Luke 5

What does it take for you to recognize the power of God … and your own sinfulness? Do you think you would accept that power or be afraid of it? Why?

Would you touch someone with leprosy? How accepting are you of individuals who need healing, even if you are not required to touch them?

How faithful are you to friends in need?

Luke 6

What does it mean that Jesus is Lord of the harvest?

In what ways do we hold to spiritual rules more than we seek spiritual healing for those who need it? How can we change this?

How well do you love your enemies? Why is this such a challenging teaching? How can we be a people others describe as people who love their neighbors?

Luke 7

What does the reaction of the Jews towards the centurion say about his character … and theirs? Why would you say this is the case and why is it important for Luke’s story?

Jesus often shows compassion to those who need it most. What other examples in the gospels can you think of where Jesus helped someone, similar to his care for the widow who lost her son?

Why might John the Baptist have been confused about whether Jesus was really the “one who is to come?”

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