Bible Readings for May 30 – June 5

Hebrews 2

How are you making sure to pay closer attention to the message you have heard on order that you may not drift away?

Why did Jesus have to take on or become “flesh and blood”?

What reactions do you have to knowing that because Jesus suffered while being tempted, he can help us when we are tempted? In what ways have you found this to be true in your life?

Hebrews 3

Based on what you know about high priests, what does it mean that Jesus is “the apostle and high priest of our confession”?

How have you felt confidence and hope from that knowledge that Christ is God’s son?

Who have you exhorted today to avoid the deceitfulness of sin?

Hebrews 4

How does knowing there is a Sabbath rest for God’s people comfort you? In what ways does it make a difference as you approach your crazy, hectic schedule?

What are you doing to be intentional about finding God’s rest in your routine?

How do you draw near to the throne of God with confidence?

Hebrews 5

How do you learn obedience through suffering? What specific lessons have you learned that might benefit others?

Do you feel like your faith is living on milk or solid food? What might you do to “grow up” into more mature food … and faith?

Hebrews 6

How are you laying a foundation of repentance in your life?

In what ways is God’s unchangeable nature significant for your faith?

Demonstrate today the hope you have to be able to enter the holy place of God, the hope set before you through Jesus Christ.

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