Bible Readings for April 11-17

Mark 5

Why do you think people were afraid to see the healed demoniac sitting calmly in his right mind? How do we typically respond to a demonstration of the power of God?

How desperate was the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak? What do you think you would have done if you had been in a similar situation and why?

What power or authority does Jesus NOT have? In what ways should our lives be different knowing the power he has?

Mark 6

Why do you think the people of Nazareth went so quickly from amazement at Jesus’ teaching to taking offense at what he was saying? How do you respond to Jesus’ teaching?

What would have been going through your mind if Jesus sent you out with nothing for your journey except the clothes on your back?

What does it tell you about Jesus that he had compassion on the crowd hearing him teach? And that he feed them?

Mark 7

What traditions might we hold that cause us to focus more on the tradition than on honoring God? How can we focus more on honoring Him?

Why do you think Jesus spends so much time telling people not to tell others about the healing and miracles he was doing?

Mark 8

Why do people want signs from God even in the midst of all of the great things Jesus is doing? How have you seen Jesus’ actions at work in your own life?

Do you think Peter knew what he was saying when he said that Jesus was the Christ? What does it mean to you that Jesus was not just a man, but was actually the Christ, the Messiah?

Mark 9

In what ways are you listening to Jesus? How do you make an effort to hear him better?

Do you think you would have understood Jesus’ saying he was going to be killed if you had been one of his disciples? Why do you think this is the case?

Why do we care so much about being the greatest … at almost everything!? In what ways do you seek to serve others instead of trying to be the greatest?

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