Bible Readings for March 7-13

Ephesians 2

Would you say you once felt “dead in trespasses and sin?” Why can this passage be difficult to embrace, especially for those who grew up in a Christian family or environment?

How have you felt God make you alive again? What examples can you share of God turning graves into gardens, mourning into dancing?

If we have been saved by grace through faith and NOT from our own doing, why do we try so hard to not mess up?

Ephesians 3

How shocking was it for the Jews to discover that the Gentiles were also heirs of God? Is there any similar circumstances you can think of today or is that just so “beyond,” it can never be repeated?

Pray Paul’s prayer of verses 14-19 for someone today.

What is the most amazing, unbelievable thing God could do for you? How does it feel to know that as big as you can imagine, God can still do better than that?

Ephesians 4

How have you tried to live with humility, gentleness, patience, and eagerness to maintain the unity of the Spirit?

At times—OK, maybe often—Christians are not known for their unity. What is it that causes Christians to not be unified? How can we both live in and demonstrate unity better?

How do you work to build up the body of Christ?

Ephesians 5

How crazy does it seem that we should imitate God? How can we do this?

Have you made the most of today? Why or why not?

How do the specific roles you participate in on any given day affect how you follow Jesus? List your roles and then determine the most important way you can live for Jesus in that role. Now, go and actually live that out.

Ephesians 6

How do you get your strength and protection from God?

Which part of God’s armor do you most gravitate towards? Why?

Pray today that you and others you know will speak God’s word boldly.


Prayer for the week: “Lord, may we be people who speak boldly in your name.”

Get a full 2021 Reading List HERE.

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