1 Home Bible Study – Introduction

For several years now, South Plains has created a reading list for everyone to read together throughout the year. At times, the list would be a reading through the entirety of the Bible. Other times, we might pick a chapter from the New Testament to read together.

In 2020, we have asked individuals from South Plains to give us their favorite Bible verse, chapter, or story. We have taken this list, added a few of your own, in order to complete 366 days of readings, and then randomly arranged the passages to be read throughout the year.

Each day of 2020, you will see a passage to be read, along with 2-3 thought questions that you can either journal about in your own study or perhaps you might want to use them as conversation starts with others. Some days, you will see the person who suggested that particular passage, as well as a short explanation as to why it was one of their favorites.

Our point for the entire year is for you to read it. We hope you will take the time to read through the passages selected as we all join together in these readings.