Faith or Works? – September 15, 2019

Isaiah 19.1-21.17; Galatians 2.1-16; Psalm 59.1-17; Proverbs 23.13-14

As Paul writes to the church in Galatia, one of their actions is the cause for him to write some of the strongest criticism we see in any of his writings: They are turning away from the gospel of Jesus Christ. It would appear that the main sticking point for Paul is the idea that one needs something more than Jesus in order find salvation in God. To Paul, any salvation you have to work for, that is, any salvation that requires certain actions to be considered an “insider” means that you have no need for Jesus. Obviously, this cannot be the case. Why was it so difficult for the Galatians to believe that their faith in Jesus Christ to redeem them was enough for salvation? Why is it at times difficult for us to do the same?


How would you have liked to have been told by God to walk around naked and barefoot in order to communicate a message to His people? What is the most awkward manner of message delivering you have encountered?

Why do you think Paul spent as much time as he did explaining his “backstory” to the Galatian people?

What helps you “sing of God’s power” even in the midst of attacks from your enemies?

How does physical discipline save individuals from death?

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