Approved by God or Man? – September 14, 2019

Isaiah 15.1-18.7; Galatians 1.1-24; Psalm 58.1-11; Proverbs 23.12

For many of us, we have a strong desire to live lives that God wants us to live. Our desire is to please him and that remains our steadfast focus … until the pressures of living that life becomes crossways with the desires and approval of people around us. While we certainly do not WANT to seek man’s approval over God’s, it can be difficult for us to actually do so in the stress of “real life.” Why is this the case and what can we do to avoid seeking to please those around us more than God?


Why does it take complete destruction of a nation or for people to hit rock bottom before they turn to their Creator?

Why do you think the letter to the Galatians lacks any sort of formal thanksgiving, which is a part of every other letter of Paul’s?

Do you know the meaning of the word “justice?” How does your life demonstrate that you do?

In what ways do you make sure you are committing yourself to receiving instruction from God?

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