Please God Not People – July 27, 2019

2 Chronicles 19.1-20.37; Romans 10.14-11.12; Psalm 21.1-13; Proverbs 20.4-6

It probably seems to be a foregone conclusion that our actions should seek to plea God, not the people around us. Yet all too often, what we actually do is the opposite. We give in to the pressure of others or at the very least, we take into consideration their response as we try to live our lives. How do we ensure we are living for God, not for others?


How would you go about your life is you knew with certainty that the Lord was with you in everything you did? Why do you not have this certainty?

How are you being “beautiful feet” in taking the message of salvation to those who need to hear it most?

How does God “capture” our enemies today?

What is the difference between loyal and truly reliable?

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