Sent People To Teach – July 26, 2019

2 Chronicles 17.1-18.34; Romans 9.25-10.13; Psalm 20.1-9; Proverbs 20.2-3

One of the patterns we see repeated throughout the Old Testament story of God’s people is that they follow God, but soon forget him. It would seem that Jehoshaphat knows this to be the case because he sends his officials to teach the people from the book of the Law. How do you ensure you are being taught from God’s word?


Whenever you face some challenging event, or perhaps even a moment that looks to offer great rewards, do you stop to inquire of the Lord if you should proceed? Why should you do so?

In what ways do you call upon the name of the Lord for salvation?

What are the desires of your heart? How has God met those desires?

“Avoiding a fight is a mark of honor.” If this is true, why do more people not try to avoid fights?

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