I Can’t Help It! – July 23, 2019

2 Chronicles 8.11-10.19; Romans 8.9-25; Psalm 18.16-36; Proverbs 19.26

Too often we approach sin as if it is something that consumes us, controlling us to the point that we have no choice, really, but to go ahead and sin. It’s not just that everybody’s doing it, it is that no one can help themselves from doing it, we think. Paul’s writing here in the book of Romans is a word of hope then: “You are not controlled by your sinful nature.” How do we accept this good news and allow it to change our view–and actions–related to sin?


Why does Solomon not want his wife to live in David’s palace? What does this tell us about his understanding of the relationship between God and this wife he has chosen?

How is life different because of your knowledge that God, through his Spirit, has adopted us as his children?

Do you believe that all of God’s promises prove true? What promise or promises are you especially glad to receive?

It is sometimes surprising the number of passages related to how children treat their parents and the repercussions for treating them poorly. Why do you think this is such an issue for the Biblical writers?

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