Good Deeds – July 21, 2019

2 Chronicles 4.1-6.11; Romans 7.1-13; Psalm 17.1-15; Proverbs 19.22-23

When you think about the impact you will have had on this world once you are gone, what sort of things come to mind? In what ways do you think you will have made a difference? Your efforts are not pointless–you have been raised by God and as a result, you can produce a “harvest of good deeds.” When you think about God’s ability to help you to change the world through his power, what sort of things come to mind now?


What is your reaction when you read through the description of the Temple?

In what ways do we still make laws for God that we then try to live under?

Do you pray as if you know that God will answer you? Why or why not?

Why is loyalty attractive?

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