The Gift Of Eternal Life – July 20, 2019

2 Chronicles 1.1-3.17; Romans 6.1-23; Psalm 16.1-11; Proverbs 19.20-21

It is astounding the amount of money people spend each year to try and look, feel, and be younger. The cost of outrunning death is very high! Very high unless you follow Jesus, then the gift of eternal life costs you nothing! How much are you spending for eternal life versus how much are you giving up to believe in Christ’s saving act?


If you could ask God for anything in the world, what would it be? How does this compare to Solomon’s answer?

In what ways might it seem odd that you die to your old way of life to be set free from sin? Why is dying better than trying to work it out on your own?

How does the Lord guide your mind at night, even when you are sleeping?

What things are you currently doing to get all of the advice and instruction you can?

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