Just As He Promised – July 18, 2019

1 Chronicles 26.12-27.34; Romans 4.13-5.5; Psalm 14.1-7; Proverbs 19.17

Have you ever been promised something by someone who never keeps his or her promise? It is almost as if there was never a promise to begin with, you are so doubtful they will come through with their end of the deal. Abraham was fully convinced in God’s promises. He was sure they would come true. We can do the same. What does it feel like to know that the promises made to you WILL come to pass?


What does it take to be called out in the same way as Zechariah: a man of unusual wisdom? How do we get such wisdom?

In a world where people often struggle to be at peace, how does God provide this peace for you?

If fools say “there is no God,” why do some of the most knowledgable and learned people around make such a claim?

How is helping the poor lending to God?

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