Good Deeds – July 17, 2019

1 Chronicles 24.1-26.11; Romans 4.1-12; Psalm 13.1-6; Proverbs 19.15-16

When we think about people we want to reward or honor, we often first think about the things they have accomplished, their good works, if you will. Abraham–whom we know as a great man of faith–is not recognized for what he did, but what he believed. How does this truth affect how you approach God in an attempt to be deemed righteous?


What do you think would happen if we filled the roles people fulfilled in worship by casting lots? Why does this seem like such an odd thing for us today?

Describe the joy you have received from God cleansing your record of sins.

What good has the Lord done that causes you to sing?

If you were a lazy person, which would you prefer: to sleep soundly or to sleep hungry? Why do you think this is the case?

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