Where’s Bathsheba? – July 15, 2019

1 Chronicles 19.1-21.30; Romans 2.25-3.8; Psalm 11.1-7; Proverbs 19.10-12

As you read through the Chronicles, you discover that some of the stories are handled in different ways than we see in Samuel or Kings. For instance, today we read that when the kings went off to war, David stayed behind in Jerusalem. If you have read 2 Samuel 11 carefully, you recognize that the story of Bathsheba follows this introduction, yet in 1 Chronicles, there is no mention of her. Why do you think this is the case? In what ways is it possible to talk about an event in history–especially God’s history–and highlight things you want to bring out (and not mention other things) without altering the truth of the story?


How do misunderstandings destroy relationships? How can we prevent this from happening?

Why is doing something more important than knowing about the need to do that something?

What can the righteous do when the foundations of law and order collapse?

How have you been a sensible person and overlooked the wrongs committed by others? Why was that the right thing to do?

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