Kind, Tolerant, and Patient – July 14, 2019

1 Chronicles 16.37-18.17; Romans 2.1-24; Psalm 10.16-18; Proverbs 19.8-9

It is interesting to listen to the perceptions of God from others, especially those who do not believe in him. You will often hear people talk about his vengeance or his punishment against those who do wrong. Yet Paul says in Romans that God is “wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient.” (v. 4) Why is there a disagreement between what people say about God and what we hear the Bible writers say about him? How have you found God to be?


Do you realize that when God sees you, he sees someone “very great,” as David describes in his prayer to God? How can we recognize–and act on–this more?

If God does not show favoritism, how can we work to be sure we do not either?

In what ways does knowing that God knows the hopes of the hopeless help you follow him more?

Why is acquiring wisdom a demonstration of living yourself?

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