God Did It! – July 12, 2019

1 Chronicles 12.19-14.17; Romans 1.1-17; Psalm 9.13-20; Proverbs 19.4-5

When you accomplish something big in your life, something like, let’s say, defeating the entire Philistine army, what is your response? OK, we have never defeated the Philistine army or probably any other sort of army, but we certainly have accomplished things that might cause us to pat ourselves on the back. Notice, however, David’s response: God did it! How do we keep reminding ourselves of the great things God has done for us and give him the proper credit when he does so?


Who are the men of Issachar today, people who understand the times and know what we should do?

How would Paul’s visit to the churches in Rome helped them grow strong in their faith?

How have you been rescued by God and perhaps more importantly, in what ways have you shared that with others?

Why does wealth make friends and poverty drive them away? Can this be avoided?

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