All Hope Was Gone – July 9, 2019

1 Chronicles 7.1-8.40; Acts 27.1-20; Psalm 7.1-17; Proverbs 18.22

Paul has been promised he would have opportunity to share the gospel all the way to Rome, yet it seems at every turn there are obstacles thrown up to prevent that from happened. These are not just everyday, ordinary occurrences, but events such as shipwrecks that leave people feeling a loss of all hope. What do you think is going through Paul’s mind as he faces each of these challenges?


Why do you think the Chronicle writer lists out the number of warriors in each of the tribes mentioned in this passage?

Which makes more sense to listen to concerning the ability to sail: the captain and ship owner or Paul? Why do you think Luke (the writer of Acts) seems to indicate some surprise that Paul’s advice was not heeded?

How hard do you think it is to say to God, “If I have done anything wrong…” let them give me the punishment I deserve?

How is finding a wife finding a treasure?

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