Set Free – July 8, 2019

1 Chronicles 5.18-6.81; Acts 26.1-32; Psalm 6.1-10; Proverbs 18.20-21

All along Paul’s journey from initial arrest to final imprisonment in Rome, we hear different officials comment: “He has done nothing worthy of arrest” or “He could have been set free, had he not appealed to Caesar.” Obviously, it is purely speculation, but how do you think the gospel spread would have been affected had Paul NOT appealed to Caesar and taken his trip to Rome?


We discover many capable warriors in the book of Chronicles, but also discover these same warriors were unfaithful to God. Why does it not matter how powerful you are if you are not faithful to God? How do we try to use our power to overcome faithfulness?

Why would it have been nice to have such a clear and specific call to ministry such as the one Paul had?

Why do you think the psalmist was facing God’s anger? Why do you think he deserved God’s compassion?

What are the consequences the one who loves to talk reaps?

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