He Has Done Nothing Wrong – July 7, 2019

1 Chronicles 4.5-5.17; Acts 25.1-27; Psalm 5.1-12; Proverbs 18.19

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation where you were being called upon to judge an incident in which you could find no wronged parties? (For some reason I can imagine a teacher would be put in this situation often with students.) Such was the position of Festus as he tried to determine a charge against Paul to send on to the Emperor. What is the best way to act in such a situation?


Why do you think the writer of the genealogy in 1 Chronicles chose to add more detail about certain groups of people (they were craftsman, they were potters, etc.)?

What does it tell you about the Jew’s charge against Paul that they tried to ambush and kill him at every turn rather than let Paul’s time in the court system run it’s course?

Why do people who take refuge in God have reason to rejoice?

How have you seen or experienced times when arguments separated friends? What are possible ways to resolve these separations?

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