Judaism And The Way – July 6, 2019

1 Chronicles 2.18-4.4; Acts 24.1-27; Psalm 4.1-8; Proverbs 18.16-18

Because Christianity came out of Judaism, it is interesting the conflict or tensions between the Jewish people and their law and the Christians, or the Way as it is called here in Acts, and following Jesus. Depending on which side of the equation you stand–Paul’s or the Jews–dictates whether you think following both is even possible. Why is it so hard to mesh these two groups? Is it possible for both to coexist?


How do you think it would have felt to be a one line description in the genealogy of 1 Chronicles (the sons of so-and-so were these people and then the list moves on)?

Was Tertellus telling the truth, based on what you have read about the life and teachings of Paul?

Why is it so difficult for us to sit on something overnight, rather than immediately reacting in anger?

Flipping a coin can settle arguments. What do you think our relationships would look like if we resorted to this resolution technique more often?

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