The Lord Appeared – July 5, 2019

1 Chronicles 1.1-2.17; Acts 23.11-35; Psalm 3.1-8; Proverbs 18.14-15

We do not know exactly how the Lord appeared to Paul in the night. My assumption would be that it was part of a dream, but there is nothing said about how this vision transpired. We also hesitate to say: “The Lord spoke to me.” People who make such claims are often deemed out of their mind. How can we know the ways in which God is leading us, if we do not have that certainty of him speaking to us? Or do we have that certainty?


What are we supposed to do with all of these names in the genealogy of 1 Chronicles?

What does it tell you about the relationship between Paul and the Roman commander that he was willing to listen to Paul’s nephew, per Paul’s instructions?

Do we have too many enemies? Or do we conform to the point that no one even notices us? Which should it be?

Why are intelligent people always ready to learn?

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