Away With Him – July 4, 2019

2 Kings 23.31-25.30; Acts 22.17-23.10; Psalm 2.1-12; Proverbs 18.13

Why are the Jewish people so furious at Paul’s statement that he was being sent to the Gentiles? To be honest, this was not a new idea–Paul did not suddenly have a new direction that the people of Israel had not already been given. In fact, Abraham, the father of the Jews, was told he would point all nations to God. When then was this so challenging for the Jewish people to accept? Why are notions contrary to our thoughts of power and status so hard for us to fully embrace?


In what ways is this how you thought the kingdom of Israel would end? In what ways is it nothing like the ending you imagined?

Why did the high priest Ananias slap Paul? Did Paul really not know he was the high priest? Why do you think this?

How have you experienced joy in taking refuge in God?

How can you work to not spout off before you know the facts? (And perhaps even after you know them, as well?)

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