A Lament – July 3, 2019

2 Kings 22.3-23.30; Acts 21.37-22.16; Psalm 1.1-6; Proverbs 18.11-12

Josiah is a breath of fresh air in a collection of really bad kings. The more you read 2 Kings, the more certain you become of a disastrous outcome, only to find this king repenting and lamenting the wrong the people have done. While it ultimately is too little too late for the people of Israel, one has to appreciate the integrity of Josiah. How do you respond when you discover you were wrong and have now seen the right way to respond to God and his instructions?


How often do you pause to reflect and renew your commitment to the covenant God has made to you? How can you make this a practice that helps grow your faith in him more?

How do you think Paul felt knowing he was chosen by God to know and live out the will of God?

What joys have you experienced from following God?

Why might the rich think of their wealth as a strong defense?

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