“If The People Will Follow My Commands…” – July 2, 2019

2 Kings 20.1-22.2; Acts 21.18-36; Psalm 150.1-6; Proverbs 18.9-10

If one were reading through the account of the Israelite kings, one might begin to question how a people called by God could face such difficult times. If these were God’s people, why were they punished? The writer of 2 Kings makes sure to answer that question for us: “If the Israelites will be careful to obey my commands … I will not send them into exile”. Obviously, they did NOT obey his commands. While we may see this clearly in hindsight, what do you think could have helped the people of Israel remember this more, perhaps even preventing their own downfall?


Why do you think God decides to keep Hezekiah from dying, even though he knows the ultimate outcome of his people?

Why are people so quick to assume the worse about others, even when it is based on circumstantial evidence?

What better way might there be to end the book of Psalms than this psalm calling for everything that has breath to praise God? How have you praised him today?

Why is a lazy person as bad as someone who destroys things?

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