Who Are You? – June 29, 2019

2 Kings 15.1-16.20; Acts 19.13-41; Psalm 147.1-20; Proverbs 18.4-5

The Seven Sons of Sceva story has stuck with me ever since I heard a speaker say: “When you flee the beating naked, you know you have been whooped.” More important than the crazy image of these guys running away is the fact that they attempted to “borrow” or “hijack” (or whatever other term you might want to use) the name of Jesus. It would seem they are doing good–casting out evil spirits–but something about doing it in the name of Jesus was a problem. Could it have been they were using God’s power for their own purposes? In what ways do we use Jesus to attempt to accomplish our own objectives?


Why do you think all of the kings of Israel were unable or unwilling to tear down the pagan shrines and altars?

What things would need to happen in your city in order for the name of the Lord to be feared?

What does the Lord delight in? How is your life delightful to him?

How are wise words like deep waters?

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