Talking Just To Talk – June 28, 2019

2 Kings 13.1-14.29; Acts 18.23-19.12; Psalm 146.1-10; Proverbs 18.2-3

We probably all have that friend who no matter what the topic or the situation in which it is brought up, always has something to say. Most of the time, they do not even move the conversation forward, they just need to get their own comment in, to feel like they have somehow participated in the discussion. How do we keep from being “that guy?”


Is it surprising to you that God still remembers the covenant made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? What does this tell us about God and his promises?

How do we ensure we are creating 2nd generation disciples, that is, the people we share our faith with are doing the same with others?

In what ways do we put our confidence in powerful people, at times more than we do so in God?

Why do you think people would agree with the idea that doing wrong leads to disgrace? In what ways would they disagree with this statement?

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