Awkward Stare – June 25, 2019

2 Kings 8.1-9.13; Acts 16.16-40; Psalm 143.1-12; Proverbs 17.26

When you first read it, the prophecy of Elisha to Hazael makes no sense. King Ben-hadad will live, but he will die. OK Elisha, which is it? I wonder if Hazael knew down in his heart his plan, that he would be the one who fulfilled Elisha’s prophecy that Ban-hadad would recover, but also die? How do you think Elisha felt sharing this prophecy with the one who would make its disastrous end come to pass?


Why do you think the young prophet was to open the door and run for his life?

What customs were Paul and his companions teaching that were contrary to Jewish law? Why are rumors such a powerful weapon against those who advocate for something different than what we like?

How do you remember to follow God when he seems far, far away?

Who flogs people for being good? Why would they do such a thing?

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