This Is Not Right – June 24, 2019

2 Kings 6.1-7.20; Acts 15.36-16.15; Psalm 142.1-7; Proverbs 17.24-25

The story of the lepers exploring the camp of the Arameans is one of my most favorite stories in all of scripture. If you know anything about people with leprosy, you know how marginalized and outcast they were. No one would have given a second look to this group as they passed by outside the gates of the city. Yet, when these four discovered the deserted camp just waiting to be plundered … instead of keeping it to themselves (a logical thing to do), they shared it with those inside the city. You have been given the surprise gift of salvation, how well do you share it?


What is significant about the story of the floating ax head?

How do you think people would have described Timothy, given that he was someone Paul wanted to bring along on his missionary journey? What would it take for you to be described in a similar fashion?

Do you ever feel like your enemies are continually setting traps for you? What is your response to this feeling?

What does the proverb writer mean when he writes “a fool’s eyes wanders?”

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