Who Are You Asking? – June 21, 2019

2 Kings 1.1-2.25; Acts 13.42-14.7; Psalm 139.1-24; Proverbs 17.19-21

Ahaziah needs some advice, but doesn’t know where to turn. He is injured and needs someone to tell him whether he will survive his injuries. Surely, any prophet would do, right? Why would Ahaziah not ask the prophet of God? Why do we, when we find ourselves in some sort of trouble, try to find any other solution rather than turn to God?


Perhaps it is not the most theologically significant story in the Bible, but there is something oddly satisfying about the story of Elisha and the bears, isn’t there? Why do you think the writer included this story?

How does God prove the power of our message to others?

Do you find God’s awareness of you, as described in today’s psalm, comforting or disconcerting? Why is this the case? How can we find more comfort in this truth?

Why do you think the writer of today’s proverb says that those who love to quarrel loves sin?

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