Say What The Lord Says – June 20, 2019

1 Kings 22.1-53; Acts 13.16-41; Psalm 138.1-8; Proverbs 17.17-18

In the story of Ahab and Jehoshaphat, we discover two kinds of prophets: those who are merely advisors, telling the king what he wants to hear and those who are really prophets of the Lord, speaking only what God tells them to speak. How tempting do you think it would have been to alter or twist your message so as to receive a favorable response? When your life is on the line, does that temptation become even stronger? How can we work today to be sure we are speaking to others only what God is calling us to tell them?


If Micaiah really believed his prophecy, which I think he did, do you think he thought being locked up until Ahab returned was a sure way to be left in prison forever?

How bold would one have to be to preach Paul’s sermon to the group of people he did?

If the Lord cares for the humble, how does this affect who we care for?

Do the two proverbs we read today contradict one another? How can you be a loyal friend, yet not put up security for another?

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