The Lord Is God! – June 17, 2019

1 Kings 18.1-46; Acts 11.1-30; Psalm 135.1-21; Proverbs 17.12-13

How would you have liked to have been in the crowd the day Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal? After all of the hullabaloo from the prophets of Baal with no response, God destroys Elijah’s soaked sacrifice in an impressive display of power. Maybe it is not fire from the sky, but what ways has God demonstrated his power to you?


At what point do you think the prophets of Baal thought: Man, this is getting us nowhere? And was there ever a point when their wailing proved successful?

What are ways people stand in the way of God and what he is doing to claim his people?

What reasons do you have to praise the Lord?

Reword today’s proverb with your own analogy: “It is safer to _______________ than to confront a fool caught in foolishness.

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