The Spirit’s Anointing – June 16, 2019

1 Kings 15.25-17.24; Acts 10.24-48; Psalm 134.1-3; Proverbs 17.9-11

If you study the movement of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts, you discover that most of the time, the Spirit comes upon people after their baptism. While this is consistent with some other things we read in the New Testament, in today’s story, the Spirit comes upon Cornelius prior to his baptism. If you look carefully, you discover the reason for this is to confirm that yes, Cornelius has been accepted by God. The presence of the Holy Spirit then serves to demonstrate relationship with God. How does the Spirit confirm and affirm the relationship you have with God?


How would you like to have been Ahab, the standard bearer for the worst king amongst bad kings?

Peter’s visit to Cornelius was actually breaking Jewish law. When is it OK to break religious law?

Who are the night watchmen in our society, similar to what we read about in this psalm? What is their importance for our faith?

What faults have you forgiven?

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