Harmony – June 15, 2019

1 Kings 14.1-15.24; Acts 10.1-23; Psalm 133.1-3; Proverbs 17.7-8

It is a strange analogy for us … brothers living in harmony is like anointing oil running through the beard of Aaron. Why do you think the psalmist uses this illustration? Why is harmony so important for a life of faith?


Long after David had passed away, God continues to work “for David’s sake,” or because of the life David had lived for God. What sort of legacy do you think you are leaving to be remembered following your death?

Are there things we consider “unclean,” similar to the animals of Peter’s dream, that we need to consider clean today? What are they?

What was the purpose of anointing oil?

How would you explain the proverb’s writer’s mention of lucky charms in this proverb?

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