Stronger – June 14, 2019

1 Kings 12.20-13.34; Acts 9.26-43; Psalm 132.1-18; Proverbs 17.6

All throughout Christian history, the more believers fear the Lord and the more time they spend in God’s word and in prayer, the stronger they become. There is a direct correlation. If we want to grow stronger as a group of believers, we need to spend more time in Him. What are ways you can strengthen your commitment to Him today and encourage others to do the same?


Jeroboam sells the worship of the two calves he made on the idea that it was “too much trouble to go to Jerusalem.” What are other examples you can think of where people have turned from God due to following an “easier” way of going about living for him?

Would you want to have the ability to raise individuals from the dead? Why do you think Peter had this ability?

Why do you think it was so difficult for people to understand what God really meant when he said a descendent of David would live on his throne forever?

How have you seen grandchildren be the “crowning glory of the aged?”

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