Immediately Preached – June 13, 2019

1 Kings 11.1-12.19; Acts 9.1-25; Psalm 131.1-3; Proverbs 17.4-5

It is interesting to consider what training the followers of Jesus had prior to sharing with others the Good News of Jesus. Saul, later Paul, is a great an example. Here is someone who spent most of his life opposing Christians, trying to defeat them in some pretty heavy-handed ways, yet once he has his Damascus Road moment, he immediately begins to preach to others. No seminary or college training. No long internship or mentoring program. Immediately. Which begs the question: How much training do we need to share the Good News we know about Jesus?


Why would Solomon not have considered the influence his wives/concubine’s gods would have on his own faith? What can we do to prevent us from doing the same?

How would you have liked to be Ananias, headed to visit with a known opponent of Christianity?

What practices do you do to ensure you have a calm and quiet spirit?

How can you work to avoid listening to gossip or slander?

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