Sharing As They Went… – June 11, 2019

1 Kings 8.1-66; Acts 7.51-8.13; Psalm 129.1-8; Proverbs 17.1

Persecution and attacks on people dislike us are often done to eliminate those people. This would have been no different in the days in which Acts was written. Whether it be fear, jealousy, or a disagreement of policy, the people of God were persecuted which resulted in their scattering throughout the Roman Empire. What did NOT happen, however, was their message slowing down or being eliminated. In fact, just the opposite was true. What was meant to stifle actually fanned the flames. As people went to new places, they continued sharing the good news of Jesus as they went. We do not face similar persecution, but we do have the ability to share as we are going through our daily lives. How do you take advantage of this opportunity?


As you read the blessing the Temple Solomon built, what picture do you get of God?

Why do you think Stephen suddenly turned his defense from history lesson to attack on the Jewish leaders? Would you have thought this to be the conclusion of hearing his lesson?

How has God prevented your defeat, even in the midst of lifelong troubles or persecution?

Which do you prefer: dry crust and peace or a full feast and conflict? Why?

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