Joy – June 10, 2019

1 Kings 7.1-51; Acts 7.30-50; Psalm 128.1-6; Proverbs 16.31-33

For many people, joy is elusive. Hard work and dedicated efforts bring momentary pleasure, but that pleasure quickly fades. It seems that no matter what we do, joy never really comes. Why does the fear of the Lord provide joy to people? And how does fear do so, when we often times try to avoid anything we are afraid of?


What was the significance of the beauty and attention to detail seen in the construction of the Temple and Solomon’s palace?

When you read through Stephen’s defense to this point, what things might have been offensive to the Jewish leaders?

How often do we spend time with others–friends and/or relatives–blessing them, praying for God to fill them with his goodness? How can we do this more?

How many of us feel a little better about our gray hair now that we have read this proverb? What is the writer trying to communicate here?

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