Obey My Commands – June 9, 2019

1 Kings 5.1-6.38; Acts 7.1-29; Psalm 127.1-5; Proverbs 16.28-30

Several times throughout the Old Testament, the leader of God’s people (in this case, Solomon) is told: Obey my commands and decrees and I will always live among the people of Israel and I will never abandon my people. What we discover, however, is that agreeing to do so is much easier than actually doing it. The decisions of today are not nearly as important as the actions of tomorrow. Why do you think the people consistently struggled with obeying the law God had given them?


Why do you think Solomon was concerned about limiting the amount of noise that was present as the site of the Temple while it was being built?

What reasons do you think Stephen had for launching into an Old Testament history lesson as part of his defense against the Jewish leaders who had brought accusations against him?

How would you answer the psalmist’s comment that it is “useless to work so hard … for God gives rest to this loved ones”?

How have you seen gossip separate the best of friends? How can you prevent this from being the case?

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