Give Me Wisdom – June 8, 2019

1 Kings 3.3-4.34; Acts 6.1-15; Psalm 126.1-6; Proverbs 16.26-27

If God came to you today and said: “I have seen your faithfulness and I am going to give you one wish,” what would you ask for? Would you be wise enough to ask for the right thing?


In what ways does the writer of 1 Kings give us a head’s up about what is to come in Solomon’s life when it comes to his worship of other gods besides God?

How significant is it that the apostles felt like their responsibility was to teach the message of God more than it was to provide food for those in need? How does this impact the way we organize church leadership today?

What amazing things has the Lord done for you?

How does an empty stomach drive on workers? Why do you think the writer of this proverb felt the need to point this out?

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