Worthy of Suffering – June 7, 2019

1 Kings 2.1-3.2; Acts 5.1-42; Psalm 125.1-5; Proverbs 16.25

If we were honest, we try to avoid suffering as much as we can. In fact, one of the ways advertisers sell their products is to claim how much better, how much easier, life will become when you buy the things they are hawking. An easy life, we assume, is the sign of a valuable life and while we might not come right out and say it in this way, if our life is easy, we think God has blessed us. How then are we to understand the apostles’ joy in being worthy to suffer? How well do you take to suffering on behalf of the name of Jesus?


What things would you want to say to those who will follow you, either in your family or perhaps your job?

In what ways do we find ourselves obeying humans instead of God? How can we remind ourselves to do the opposite?

How does your trust in God provide you security?

Why would a path that seems right lead to death?

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