The Man Is Right Here! – June 6, 2019

1 Kings 1.1-53; Acts 4.1-37; Psalm 124.1-8; Proverbs 16.24

One of the problems the Temple guards and Sadducees had while arguing against the power of God healing this lame man was that the lame man was standing right there with them … and he was healed! Why do we have such a hard time accepting the transformation of people as a God-thing, even when we can see the difference in their lives?


Why did David’s lack of discipline of his son (actually, many of his sons, not just Adonijah) create problems for David?

Why is it that the Jewish leaders always seem to want to deny or prevent any sort of celebration of the good things God has done? How can we keep from doing the same today?

What would you life be like if the Lord were not on your side?

How have you spread some “honey” to people today?

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