Credit Where Credit Is Due – June 5, 2019

2 Samuel 23.24-24.25; Acts 3.1-26; Psalm 123.1-4; Proverbs 16.21-23

I cannot help but think Peter and John were somewhat amazed at the power they had to heal this man sitting at the Temple gate. They had done amazing miracles before, but after Jesus left, there was sort of this feeling like the mantle had been handed over to his followers. Notice, however, who gets the credit for the healing of this man: God brought glory to Jesus by healing this man. When incredible things, things we might say could only be “God-things,” happen to us, who do we give credit for them happening? How can we give God more of the credit he deserves?


What was the big deal about taking a census? Why was it considered a bad thing?

How would you like to have been this lame man, expecting money but getting something so much better?

When have you looked to the Lord for mercy? What response did you get?

Why is discipline wasted on fools?

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